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1 Pack = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine

Launched, in 2006, the ‘1 Pack = 1 Vaccine’ campaign has provided funding for 300 million tetanus vaccines to UNICEF, giving the ‘Gift of Life’ to millions of mothers and babies around the world.

During October, November and December 2015, for every Pampers product purchased with the ‘1 Pack = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine’ logo, Pampers will provide UNICEF with the funding for one life-saving tetanus vaccine to help protect a mother and baby in need.

Every Vaccine Counts

UNICEF Ireland’s Executive Director Peter Power warmly welcomes this exciting initiative:

We are hugely grateful to Pampers, who have made a substantial contribution to the global maternal neonatal tetanus elimination campaign. By providing funds to obtain and deliver vaccines, pampers help UNICEF on the start of a long and complex journey to reach and vaccinate those in need.  Every step is only made possible by the many people who implement the program – and it all begins with mums in the Ireland.  Every vaccine counts.”

Dr. Rownak Khan, UNICEF Senior Immunization Specialist, who is key in helping UNICEF plan and implement the global maternal neonatal tetanus elimination campaign, says, “The Pampers-UNICEF partnership continues to play a vital role in supporting UNICEF’s global effort towards eliminating maternal neonatal tetanus. Pampers funding has enabled us to help protect 100 million women and their babies in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. This year, we look to take a big step closer to MNT elimination. We are hopeful that, by the end of 2011, seven of the 26 countries where Pampers funds have been allocated will have reached completion of their MNT vaccination activities.”

Even though MNT is easily preventable, the reality is that a baby still dies from MNT every 9 minutes and there are still approximately 130 million women and their future newborns – equivalent to twice the combined populations of UK and Ireland – who urgently need to be protected.

These women and babies live in some of the hardest to reach communities around the world with no access to quality healthcare. Your support is greatly needed to help reach those women and their babies that are still vulnerable to MNT.

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