The Lorna Byrne Children's Foundation 

The Lorna Byrne Children's Foundation  

Supporting UNICEF’s work in Syria

The Syrian crisis represents the biggest threat to children of recent times. By the end of 2015, over 8.6 million children across the region will have been torn apart by horrific violence and forced displacement.

From 2015 to 2017 The Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation supported UNICEF’s delivery of clean water, sanitation, education, health and immunisation services and psychological care to millions of children and their families in Syria.

In 2019 the Foundation focused its support for UNICEF through the ONE Humanitarian Changemaker Labs. The programmes focus is providing Syrian refugee youth in the Za’atari camp will skils to take ownership of their own lives and future.

We hope that Lorna’s supporters, and people from all over Ireland, will continue to support this incredible foundation.

Together we can ensure that the children of Syria do not become a lost generation, together we can help give them a future.

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