Child Survivors of Hurricane Dorian 


Child Survivors of Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian has caused widespread destruction across The Bahamas. The islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama were hit the most severely. 

The hurricane left behind a path of destruction unprecedented in this Caribbean country.

Thousands of children have been directly affected by the hurricane. Many are now homeless, without access to clean water, food or medical care

UNICEF is working to reach every child affected by this tragedy. Here are the stories of some of the survivors of Hurricane Dorian. 

Meet The Child Survivors 

child hurricane dorian

Kathelah hugs her mother’s leg | Bahamas | 2019 | Gonzalez

Katheleh, 4, and her mother, Marianise, are evacuated from Marsh Harbour in Abaco Island to Nassau, Bahamas. 

Their home was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian which slammed Abaco Island for 40 hours. The category 5 hurricane had sustained winds of 185mph. 

Catastrophic damage is widespread but it is most extreme in Marsh Harbour where there is little to no food or water.

“This is what we have left,” said Marianise pointing to a few handbags, “We have nothing else.”

hurricane dorian

Benson cycles around his old neighbourhood | Bahamas | 2019 | Gonzalez

Benson Etienne, 15, rides his bicycle around the hurricane-hit Marsh Harbour, in Abaco Island. He was with his family in a two-story building when Hurricane Dorian slammed into Abaco Island for 40 hours. 

The roof was the first thing to disappear, then the windows before the walls finally collapsed leaving the family of 8 out in the open. They had no shelter from the strong winds and rain.

“We had to swim for our lives in dirty water, fighting against strong currents. Now everything is destroyed, every school. There is no water to drink,” Benson says.

Children Have Lost Everything 

hurricane dorian

Joochim holds her baby after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian | Bahamas | 2019 | Gonzalez

Joochim Maseline holds Stacy, her 2-year-old daughter, outside a church at Marsh Harbour in Abaco Island where they are sheltering. 

The church is unlivable and she is being encouraged to leave but she has no place else to go, as her house was completely destroyed by the storm. 

She is a single mother with two other older children in Haiti.

Hurricane Dorian Emergency 

The delivery of safe water, food, health care, non-formal education activities and psychosocial support is now a priority. 

Please help us deliver these life-saving supplies to children in The Bahamas. 

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