Field Report: From Dadaab to Liboi 

Field Report: From Dadaab to Liboi

Today, I accompanied the UNICEF truck on the 2 hour drive to Liboi, about 10 km from the Somali border. Many refugees are using Liboi as a transit point before moving on to Dadaab, some 90km away. Report by Christopher Tidey, UNICEF Spokesperson in Kenya.

UNICEF delivers ready-to-use therapeutic food
UNICEF delivers ready-to-use therapeutic food to treat malnourished children crossing from Somalia into Liboi. Image 0667.jpg: © UNICEF Kenya/2011/Tidey

UNICEF is working with local authorities to expand medical capacity in Liboi to provide services for incoming refugees. This includes access to ready-to-use therapeutic food and jerry cans. Our objective is to provide treatment to children suffering from malnutrition sooner close to the border, so that they do not have to wait until their arrival in Dadaab.

Obviously, the longer they wait for treatment, the greater the risks, so our hope is that this program will save lives.

UNICEF also launched its measles vaccination campaign today at the health centre in Liboi. Many children and their families turned out.

A child in Liboi is vaccinated
A child in Liboi is vaccinated as part of UNICEF’s measles and polio vaccination campaign in the Dadaab area. Image 0673.jpg: © UNICEF Kenya/2011/Tidey
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