Don’t miss: UNICEF Global Ebola Emergency Coordinator Dr. Peter Salama on live Reddit Q&A

Facebook Twitter HeaderDespite early signs of progress in some parts of Liberia, Ebola continues to ravage families and communities in much of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. During this live Q&A, Dr. Salama who was recently in three affected countries, will talk about Ebola’s impact on daily life and share his thoughts on what can and must be done to beat the virus.

Dr. Peter Salama, Global Ebola Emergency Coordinator, UNICEF

WHAT: ‘Ask Me Anything’ (a live Q&A on Reddit)

WHEN: Today at 4:45pm

WHERE: Virtually through Reddit

How to participate:

1. Create a Reddit account.

2. To get the live link go to 10 minutes before the Q&A starts.

3. Submit questions, vote up questions you like, vote down questions you don’t like. Or, just watch the session unfold.

Learn more about UNICEF’s work on Ebola:

Read Dr. Salama’s blog about why we must defeat Ebola:

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