Ferdia Peelo: Emergency Lessons in Nepal 

Ferdia Peelo: Emergency Lessons in Nepal

We took 16-year-old actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo (Sing St) to Nepal to see how students are managing one year on from devastating earthquake in 2015. What he found was resilience, courage and determination to succeed. Ferdia struck up a friendship with Binod (15), who lives in one of the districts worst-affected by the natural disaster – what he found was that the two had more in common than they had separating them.

In April 2015, 8,000 schools were wiped out in just 45 seconds when a major tremor ripped through the earth around Kathmandu. That is more than all of the schools in Ireland – twice over – gone.

UNICEF and The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection work together to provide education to young people caught up in emergencies. To find out more go to www.emergencylessons.ie

Join our movement to get education bumped up the list of priorities during an emergency. To get involved, find our #EmergencyLessons messages on social media, share them, and tell us about your own experiences of school. Show us your old school photo, tell us about your best friend from school, or describe your favourite school activity.

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