AIDS-free. For everyone. 

AIDS-free. For everyone.

It’s in our power to achieve an AIDS-free generation. For everyone.

More so than at any time since the epidemic started, we have the tools and experience to put a stop to new HIV infections and keep children and adolescents who are living with HIV alive and healthy.

The latest data tell us we’ve made huge progress in preventing infections and saving lives – but amidst all this progress, children and adolescents have been left behind. Adolescents are especially vulnerable to becoming infected with HIV and dying from AIDS-related causes.

While support for pregnant women has reduced mother-to-child transmission during pregnancy and around birth, too many babies are still becoming infected after their first six weeks of life, once that support has fallen away.

Becoming AIDS-free among children and adolescents depends on mustering the political commitment and resources to get proven interventions to the mothers, children and adolescents who have remained out of reach. To pinpoint who is being left behind, and when and where to target investments and interventions, we rely on up-to-date data.

On this anniversary of the CRC, please watch this video to see the advances that have been made around the world in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and what we still need to do to reach every child and adolescent.

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