Gaza: Your Impact 

Gaza: Your Impact

It’s been six months since the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip. Six months of bombs, attacks, thirst and hunger. And throughout this time, you, UNICEF’s wonderful donors, have been there for children in Gaza. 

Despite the tough conditions, your donations helped deliver tonnes of humanitarian aid to children living across the enclave. It’s thanks to you, that so many children received the food, water and medicine they needed to survive.  

Continue reading to discover what support your donations have delivered to Gaza since October 2023. 

Your Life-Saving Impact 

Did you know that of the 2 million people who live in The Gaza Strip, half of them are children? That’s right, more than 1 million children are living in Gaza and the ongoing conflict is disproportionately impacting them. 

Vulnerable, scared and at risk, the children of Gaza have never depended on your help more than now. 

So far, thanks to your incredible support, your gifts have helped deliver…

Helping Prevent Hunger & Malnutrition 

Today, 50% of the entire population of the Gaza Strip is grappling with catastrophic food insecurity. The ongoing crisis has particularly affected children whose little bodies are running on empty. 

Leen, 2-year-old, is getting her middle-upper-arm-circumference (MUAC) measured.

Two-year old Leen, is pictured getting her middle-upper-arm-circumference (MUAC) measured at a UNICEF-supported health screening in Gaza. Her MUAC reads less than 10, indicating severe acute malnutrition, drastic weight loss and muscle atrophy. 

Leen’s health quickly declined after she and her family were displaced from Khan Yunis.  Without access to necessary medications or adequate food, she began to lose weight, and fall ill. 

Recognizing the severity of her situation, UNICEF intervened, and Leen was transferred to Al Awda Hospital for treatment and specialized care; her condition is anticipated to improve within two weeks.

It’s thanks to donors like you, that UNICEF is able to stay on the ground in Gaza and work directly with families to treat and prevent malnutrition. Thanks to you, we will continue to deliver life-saving supplies of high-energy biscuits, ready-to-use therapeutic food, infant formula, and micronutrient supplements, as well as life-saving medicines to families. 

Empowering Families with Cash Transfers

Despite connectivity challenges in the Gaza Strip, which are constraining network capacities and presenting significant hurdles for cash transfer delivery, UNICEF is empowering families and children with humanitarian cash transfers, ensuring access to vital items like food, water, and hygiene products.

While formal markets are struggling to obtain resources, UNICEF has found that informal markets are playing a crucial role in providing essential goods. Whilst prices of most basic goods are grossly inflated due to high demand and limited availability, providing cash means families have more choice and autonomy over what they can buy and are able to maintain some level of control and dignity over their lives.

Eman, does her daughter’s hair, 9-year-old Dalia as her other daughter, 4-year-old Maria looks on.

One family who benefitted from UNICEF’s humanitarian cash transfers is Eman’s. She and her two daughters, Dalia (9) and Maria (4) are currently displaced in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip.  

“We used the money to get crucial supplies for the children: milk, diapers, medicine for my sick child and flour for making bread,” says Eman. “I long for an end to this conflict, yearning for the certainty that my children will be safe with me.”

Thank you 

UNICEF has been supporting children in Gaza for more than 40 years and despite the ongoing conflict and challenges we stand committed to help children and their families. 

Right now, we’re still on the ground and we will stay and deliver your crucial aid to children no matter what. Your support has been and will continue to be essential to our humanitarian mission in Gaza.

Thank you so much.


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