If you believe sport knows no borders, back #TeamRefugees in Rio! 

If you believe sport knows no borders, back #TeamRefugees in Rio!

They come from Syria, Ethiopia, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo – but they represent refugees everywhere.

This Summer, something extraordinary is happening at the Olympic Games in Brazil. For the first time, a team of refugees will compete. Ten world-class athletes forced from their homes by conflict and persecution will go up against their fellow sports people from all over the world.

#TeamRefugees represents all of those displaced from their homes by crisis, and we want you to ‘join the team’ by supporting them on their incredible journey to make their dreams come true.
In the world today, 65 million people are displaced, many of them children. The participation of a refugee team in Rio sends a powerful signal of hope to refugees around the world.

In every other way, these ten athletes are exactly the same as all the other competitors who have dedicated countless hours to training, conditioning and qualifying in order to make their dream of participating in the Olympic Games come true.
This enormously courageous and resilient group of people needs all the support they can get. Let’s stand in solidarity with them.

Check out some of the famous faces who have already declared for #TeamRefugee.

US Ambassador to the United Nations, our parent organisation, Samantha Power says she’s standing with #TeamRefugees.

Pope Francis has also declared for #TeamRefugees.


That translates as: “I extend my greetings and wish you success at the Olympic Games in Rio – that your courage and strength find expression through the Olympic Games and serve as a cry for peace and solidarity. Through you, may humanity understand that peace is possible, and that with peace, everthing is a triumph; while with war everything is a loss. Your experience serves as testimony and benefits us all.”

To show your support, share this message of hope. Retweet #TeamRefugees and find the team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at @teamrefugeesfc.

Finally, here’s a little lesson on what to do with your hands when the nerves get too much to bear!

Do you want to join us in cheering the brave athletes of #TeamRefugees? To show support make a peace sign, cross your fingers, and raise your hand high. Make sure to share your images with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. We aim to create unity through peace in supporting our athletes. Help us raise them up! ……………………………………………………………………….. #TeamRefugees #OlympicGames #olympics #olympic #Rio2016 #riodejaneiro #refugeeolympicteam #refugees #WithRefugees #RoadtoRio #journeyofalifetime #lettheadventuresbegin #livingthedream

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And if you want to do more… contact us. Whether it’s creating a song for the team and the fans, dedicating a performance to the team or designing a product dedicated to the team and the fans, there are no limits to how you can show support for the team.

Pictured above: UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake (center) stands with members of the global fan club in support of Team Refugee. © UNICEF/UN027584/Boyce

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