Mosul’s hope is its children – UNICEF reopens schools 

Mosul’s hope is its children – UNICEF reopens schools

Lani (15) wants to tell the world what Iraqi children are going through. She says conflict in her home city of Mosul “destroyed our lives”, but there is hope. UNICEF is working to reopen schools and Lani is back in class for the first time in years.

Please support children like Lani in Iraq.

Photo: Students take notes during a class at the Ammar Ibn Yasser School in the Wadi Hajar neighbourhood of Mosul, Iraq, Wednesday 26 July 2017. The school reopened two months ago, but teachers say they are still without running water, electricity, and books. Most windows in the school are broken and other parts of the structure are still being cleaned and repaired. ©UNICEF/UN073511/Yar


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