Nepal earthquake: a sleepless night in the aftermath 

Nepal earthquake: a sleepless night in the aftermath

Last night was a sleepless one for most people in Kathmandu after Nepal earthquake. It was for me. Sleep does not come easily when the earth shakes violently every now and then. Sometimes it starts with a gentle rocking, followed by the strange noises that homes make when an earthquake rolls in.

At other times, we feel violent shakes that seem capable of uprooting the house, trees, anything. It was this kind of strong shaking that jolted us early this morning.  And then in the afternoon the earth shook again violently, with such ferocity that it was hard to remain standing.

Making my way to the UNICEF office later in the day, I passed a field where displaced families have gathered. There seem to be more people there than yesterday. It looks almost like a tented city.

I think everyone is experiencing some level of shock.

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