Nepal earthquake latest: Over 5,000 have died, supplies urgently needed 

Nepal earthquake latest: Over 5,000 have died, supplies urgently needed


The deadly earthquake that hit Nepal early on Saturday has caused widespread damage, and more than 5,000 people are reported to have died. Aftershocks have continued to devastate the area since then, leaving 50,000 injured. The numbers of dead and injured are expected to be much higher as thousands lie trapped in the rubble. Millions of children are in danger.

Hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley are overflowing and running out of medical supplies. In Gorkha, western Nepal, the Nepal earthquake damage is very severe and it is estimated that 80% of houses have been destroyed. Despite the snow and freezing temperatures, most people are sleeping outside, scared to go indoors because of the damage to buildings and the threat of aftershocks. The government has declared a state of emergency in 30 districts of Nepal and requested urgent international humanitarian assistance.

With children accounting for half the country’s population, we fear loss of life and great disruption to children’s lives, as homes and schools are destroyed.

How are your donations helping Nepal’s families?

Thanks to your donations, we are able to respond immediately to meet the needs of children and families in danger. We are planning to reach 2.8 million children in the coming days, weeks and months.

Our Unicef colleagues are already helping provide clean water, oral rehydration salts, hygiene kits, tarpaulins and nutrition supplies for children and families, as well as tents for medical facilities. We’re also preparing two cargo flights containing 120 tonnes of humanitarian supplies, for urgent airlift to Kathmandu.


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