Nepal Earthquake: Relief Efforts Underway; 1 Million Children Need Aid 

Nepal Earthquake: Relief Efforts Underway; 1 Million Children Need Aid

The powerful earthquake that struck northwest of Kathmandu on Saturday has left more than 3,000 confirmed dead. An estimated 2.8 million children have been affected, including nearly 1 million who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Efforts to help survivors are underway.

The earthquake has caused tremendous suffering; relief efforts intensify

How UNICEF is responding

UNICEF and partners are planning to reach approximately 2,800,000 children in 35 affected districts, focusing on water and sanitation, protection, health and nutrition. The emergency response is underway:

UNICEF has two offices in Kathmandu and has been working in Nepal since 1964 to save and improve the lives of the country’s most vulnerable children.

First-hand report from Kathmandu, Nepal

Rupa Joshi, UNICEF Communication Officer in Nepal, witnessed the earthquake:

“The shake was like nothing I have experienced … it shook for a long time … Many people fear Kathmandu will have a high death rate.

I saw many people preparing to camp out in the main open parade ground in the middle of the street. Relatives were crying in the main government hospital where the dead were being lined up in front of the hospital building. People fear that other buildings will collapse.

My family is traumatized. We are five generations living under one roof — from a 100-year-old grandmother to my 16-month-old granddaughter. Strong aftershocks are keeping most of us up.”

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