Pampers and UNICEF celebrate a decade of lifesaving partnership 

Pampers and UNICEF celebrate a decade of lifesaving partnership

International celebrity and UNICEF ambassador, Emma Bunton, joins Pampers and UNICEF to reflect on the 10 year-long partnership that has helped protect the lives of tens of millions of women and their babies.

An estimated 500,000 newborn lives have been saved and 100 million women and their newborns protected from the deadly disease, maternal and newborn tetanus, thanks the Pampers and UNICEF .

The partners marked the tenth anniversary of their work today by celebrating the contributions of their joint effort that has helped in the elimination of maternal and newborn tetanus in 17 countries, with the success of the ‘1 Pack = 1 Vaccine’ initiative.

Celebrity mother, UNICEF Ambassador and long-standing spokesperson for the 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine campaign, Emma Bunton, united with Pampers and UNICEF during a global summit in New York to celebrate the progress for mothers and babies as a result of the partnership.  At the event, Emma reflected on the decade-long initiative and invited everyone to mark the 10th anniversary by resolving to eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus entirely.

Although much has already been achieved, there is more work to be done, as maternal and newborn tetanus still threatens the lives of 71 million women and their newborns. Irish parents can take part in the campaign by buying a pack of the specially branded Pampers  ‘1 Pack = 1 Vaccine’.



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