Pampers & UNICEF: 1 pack = 1 vaccine Campaign- Story of the Week: Rebecca Danielle

Rebecca Danielle has come to the Piliwa health facility to receive a vaccination protecting her against maternal and newborn tetanus. She lives near to the Pelewa health facility in a rural Maasai community in Kajiado County, Kenya, with her husband and their children.

Health programmes including the vaccination campaign against maternal and newborn tetanus supported by the Pampers Unicef 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign, help keep mothers such as Rebecca and their babies healthy, despite the challenges they face living in such a rural area.

Rebecca learned about the importance of vaccines from the community health worker when she had her first child. Community health volunteers play an integral role in saving the lives of women and babies by running vaccination campaign awareness programmes and walking door-to-door to advise and remind women that they must be vaccinated to protect themselves and their unborn babies from fatal diseases such as maternal and newborn tetanus.

Since 2006, the Pampers Unicef 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign has helped fund vaccination programmes in countries such as Kenya helping to protect 100 million women and their babies from maternal and newborn tetanus and eliminating the disease in 16 countries. But despite the progress that has been made, more than 85 million women and their newborns around the world are still at risk from contracting the disease because they have not received the vaccines they need to keep themselves safe.