Poems for Peace 

Poems for Peace

Around the world, millions of children are growing up in conflict. Caught in the crossfires of war, these children are uniquely vulnerable. They are often uprooted from home or exposed to extreme trauma. It is much harder for them to access healthcare or education. And too often, warring parties flout one of the most basic rules of war: the protection of children.

In commemoration of World Poetry Day, the Poems for Peace initiative, now in its fourth year, gives children a platform to explain in their own words the impact of conflict and war on their lives – and their hopes and dreams for the future. By amplifying the voices of children, UNICEF is highlighting the extraordinary strength and courage of young people longing for a more stable future.


“One day I wish to hear no more guns shoot.”



“We long for peace, not battles fought.
And the peace will illuminate the darkness.
Sudan, may happiness bloom in your heart.”



“But I believe that happy days will break through the pain.
The war will end, the air raids will stop forever.”



“What I miss?
The day to pass without hearing a shot.
The day to pass without disturbance.”



“The farewell in our eyes,
Our worries take their leave,
Frustrations go astray,
Peace is not delayed.”


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