Seven Years of War – Seven Children’s Stories 

Seven Years of War – Seven Children’s Stories


A seven-year-old in Syria has never known a day without war.

Millions of Syrian children have grown up facing the violence on a daily basis. After seven years of conflict, Syria remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child. But despite the horrors they have endured and the hardship they continue to suffer, Syria’s children have not given up hope. As the war in Syria enters its seventh year – here are the stories of seven Syrian children who have not given up.

Malak and Ghadir

Two children sits on the floor of a destroyed house

Malak, 5, and Ghadir, 6, sheltering in their basement. Amer Almohibany/Syria/2018

Malak, 5, and Ghadir, 6, live with their families in the basement of a building in eastern Ghouta which has been under siege since 2013. With our donors help, last year, UNICEF teams reached close to 400,000 people with life-saving aid in besieged areas like eastern Ghouta.


Three boys holds each other as they sit in a classroom

Omar (left) and his two best friends during an arts class at school. Lina Qassab/ Syria/ 2017

Eleven-year-old Omar (on the left) has never let his cerebral palsy hold him back. “Rain or shine, no matter whether he’s sick or tired, he never misses a day of school,” says his mother Hanadi. UNICEF is providing financial support to help the family pay for the physical therapy Omar needs.


A boy sits in front of a call wearing warm clothes and a cap

Mohammed well on the road to recovery. UNICEF/Syria/2016

In 2016, families were struggling to survive in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya. Medicines, water and food were in desperately short supply. Mohammed was one of many children suffering
from severe malnutrition when we found him. Thanks to help like yours, he made a remarkable recovery.


A Syrian girl is pointing her arm to the sky

Saja gives a thumbs up. A. Rostkowski/Syria/2017

Saja was playing with her friends when a mortar hit. Four of her friends died in front of her and Saja lost her leg. It was at a UNICEF child-friendly space, open thanks to our donors, that Saja eventually found the courage to smile again.



A mother carries her baby in an indoor garden

Issa and her mother share a smile. Abdulaziz Aldroubi/Syria/2018

One-year-old Issa is full of life now but he nearly died of severe malnutrition after his family lost their home and their livelihood because of the war. Donations helped to pay for the therapeutic food that helped nurse Issa back to health.


A family sits on the floor of their living room

Omaima (far left) and her family at home in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan. Fricker/Jordan/2017

Sixteen-year-old Omaima (far left) has spent nearly one third of her life in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan where around 80 babies are born every week. Our donors gifts are providing children with safe water and sanitation, safe spaces to play, share and heal and schools to continue their learning.


A mother stands and holds her baby wearing very warm clothesFatima warm in her UNICEF provided hat and coat. Souleiman/Syria/2018

A refugee camp is no place for a child to spend the cold winter months, but 18-month-year-old Fatima is cosy in the warm clothes given to her by UNICEF thanks to kindness like yours. With the help of people like you, 151,000 children displaced by the war, received clothing kits.

UNICEF teams are providing lifesaving emergency food and medicine to Syrian children in urgent need. But we need your help to reach as many children as possible.

A gift of €60 could provide enough emergency food and clean water to nourish and protect 3 children.

Please donate today. After seven years of war, Syria’s children have not given up. We must not either.


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