Water Supplies Delivered to Gaza 

Water Supplies Delivered to Gaza

Water means survival in Gaza, thanks to you!

Thanks to your support, we can ensure all children in the Gaza Strip have access to safe clean water.

Since the start of the conflict, we have been working tirelessly, despite the incredible challenges, to provide life-saving drinking water to as many people as possible.

Right now, the situation in Gaza is dire due to water shortages, inadequate sanitation services and lack of hygiene supplies which are putting children’s health at huge risk.

Overcrowded refugee camps are making everyday life a constant battle for dignity and basic supplies. Families wait in long queues to reach toilet facilities or collect drinking water.

“I have to wait two hours to go to the bathroom. The queue is very long and there are many people in the shelter.” Eman’s daughter told us.

Eman’s family live in a makeshift tent inside a school’s courtyard. They had to leave their home in search of safety and are now taking shelter in Rafah City.

Thousands of families like Eman’s, endure a daily battle for survival. There, a basic human right to clean drinking water is just a distant dream. Denied even the most fundamental necessities, these families navigate a horrific reality stripped of health and dignity. They are forced to share three or four bathrooms among 700 people, plunging them into unimaginable hardship.

How is UNICEF responding?

Thanks to the support of committed donors like you, we are focusing our efforts on ensuring that children in Gaza have access to clean water and basic sanitation facilities through the following measures:

Thank you for your ongoing support! 

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