The men and women who risk their lives to make the world a better place

Today on World Humanitarian Day we are taking a moment to celebrate our colleagues all over the world who do remarkable work in some of the most dangerous and difficult environments on the planet. We also remember our colleagues who have lost their lives in this service, including the 22 people who were killed on this day in 2003 in a bombing in the UN headquarters, Baghdad.

We want to especially thank all of the Irish UNICEF staff who do incredible work in many of the 190 countries UNICEF works in – from Syria to Zimbabwe, Rwanda to Lebanon. Ettie, Brian, Amy, Hugh and many others – thank you for being inspirational.

You can help celebrate World Humanitarian Day by sponsoring a word. Just tweet using #TheWorldNeedsMore and your answer (if you want you can show your support for UNICEF by using our sponsored word #action).

Kid President also reached out to Beyoncé for her support for World Humanitarian Day 2013 Рwatch what happened below.

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