UNICEF deploys emergency teams to Tunisia and Egypt in support of the refugee crisis. 

UNICEF deploys emergency teams to Tunisia and Egypt in support of the refugee crisis.

As the refugee crisis in Libya continues, UNICEF has launched the Libya Crisis Children’s Appeal US$7.2 million.

Teams of experts have been assembled by UNICEF to fly into Tunisia and Egypt, with another team on standby for Libya.

Up to 100,000 people have so far fled the unrest in Libya to the Tunisian border in the west, and to Egypt in the east. It is one of the biggest refuges crisis.

The Libya Crisis Children’s Appeal will attempt to meet the humanitarian needs of women and children in all three countries over the coming months.

In Libya, critical facilities such as clinics and hospitals have been closed, while food supply routes have been disrupted.

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In Tunisia, the immediate priority will be to provide water, sanitation and hygiene services to the people who have already crossed the border.

In Tunisia and Egypt, UNICEF’s child protection work includes psychosocial support and family tracing and reunification efforts in anticipation of increasing numbers of unaccompanied or separated children.

When the security situation in Libya allows, UNICEF will deploy a core response team to the country, whose initial focus will be around child protection and psychosocial support, water, sanitation, hygiene nutrition and emergency health care.

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