UNICEF launches an unprecedented appeal as millions of children face a ‘new generation’ of global crises.


From deadly natural disasters to brutal conflicts and fast-spreading epidemics, children across the world are facing a new generation of humanitarian crises. Whether in the headlines or hidden from view, emergencies sparked by social fracture, climate change and disease are stalking children in ways we have never seen before.

Under these extraordinary circumstances, children miss out on the basics of life: health, shelter, education, and protection. They are at risk of accepting violence and trauma as part of normal life, and they are at risk of perpetuating the traumas that stole their futures.

UNICEF is launching a $3.1 billion appeal to be able to assist children affected by humanitarian situations during 2015, no matter where they are. With partners, we aim to provide critical assistance to 62 million children worldwide, including in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, as well as in the countries affected by the Ebola crisis.

Click here for more information on the Humanitarian Action for Children report 2014.

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