UNICEF’s Report Card 14: child well-being in wealthier nations 

UNICEF’s Report Card 14: child well-being in wealthier nations


The latest UNICEF Report Card Building the Future is the first report to assess the status of children in rich countries in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It ranks countries based on their performance and details the challenges and opportunities that rich countries face in achieving interdependent global commitments for children, shared economic prosperity and a sustainable environment.

In our Irish infographic guide to UNICEF Report Card 14, we show that Ireland does comparatively well in some aspects of child and youth well-being and lags behind in others, ranking 11th out of 41 countries.  

One of the most alarming findings in the report is the high rate of teen suicide. Ireland is ranked fourth highest in the EU/OECD region. For girls the finding is even more stark as Ireland has the highest rate of girls dying by suicide in Europe.  Recent cuts in youth mental health facilities are a cause for serious concern.  

The report also shows a worrying rise in self-reported adolescent mental health issues, indicating that teenagers themselves have concerns about their mental health; 22.6 per cent of children aged 11-15 report experiencing two or more psychological symptoms more than once a week.

Report on mental Health for adolescents

Other significant findings for Ireland:

Based on the findings in Report Card, UNICEF calls for high income countries to take action in five key areas:

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