UNICEF’s response in East Ghouta 

UNICEF’s response in East Ghouta

Total number of children in need in Syria – 6 Million 

Number of children living in hard to reach areas – Nearly 1.5 million 

Number of people under siege in East Ghouta – 393,00 (Half of them are children)

UNICEF’s response in East Ghouta

The provision of humanitarian assistance to children and families in hard to reach or besieged areas in Syria is very challenging. Through humanitarian convoys, UNICEF provides therapeutic nutrition supplies, medicine, hygiene kits, education supplies, seasonal clothes’ kits, and water disinfectant tablets.  In 2017, UNICEF was part of 11 inter-agency convoys to deliver emergency supplies to children and their families in East Ghouta.

For the first time in 2018, on February 14th, UNICEF was able to gain access to East Ghouta as part of the last UN inter-agency convoy to deliver medical and therapeutic supplies there. While we welcome this window of access, more humanitarian convoys should be allowed to reach children in need across Syria.

Child suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition laying down and being mesured tap through his arm

On 30 October 2017 a child receives nutritional screening during an inter-agency visit in East Ghouta. Photo: Al-Asadi, Syria, 2017. 

Malnutrition in East Ghouta

UNICEF calls for unconditional, safe and sustained access to all children in need, irrelevant of their location in the country.  

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