Syria: Virgin Media News covers latest developments in crisis 

Syria: Virgin Media News covers latest developments in crisis

Up to 170,000 people have had to flee their homes due to escalating violence in northern Syria.

UNICEF estimates that nearly 70,000 children have been displaced since hostilities in northeast Syria escalated a week ago.  

Sadly, our teams on the ground have confirmed that at least four children have been killed and nine others injured in northeast Syria. Seven children have reportedly also been killed in Turkey. 

Three health facilities and health vehicles and one school came under attack. The A’louk water station supplying water to nearly 400,000 people in Al-Hasakeh is out of service. 

UNICEF Ireland’s Aedín Donnelly gave Virgin Media News the latest.

UNICEF is concerned that at least 170,000 children could need humanitarian assistance as a result of ongoing violence in the area. 

The need is huge. You can help to support children in Syria.

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