WATCH: Child choir wows with ‘Heartbeat, a song for Syria’ 

WATCH: Child choir wows with ‘Heartbeat, a song for Syria’

UNICEF has released ‘Song for Syria’ a powerful new song and music video performed by children affected by six years of war in Syria.

The song is a message of hope from Syria’s children to the people of the world, with a simple request to get their childhood back.

‘Song for Syria’ is sung by 10-year-old Ansam, a Syrian girl who was born blind, against a backdrop of a city devastated by conflict. The video was filmed in Syria.

The children who perform alongside Ansam are all internally displaced and participate, along with Ansam, in UNICEF psychosocial support programmes.

The song was written and composed by Zaid Dirani, Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, and world-famous pianist, who donated it to UNICEF.

The release of the song comes in the week that marks six years of war in Syria. On Monday, UNICEF confirmed 2016 was the worst year of the conflict for Syrian children with violations against them the highest on record.

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