World AIDS Day – half of children not getting treatment 

World AIDS Day – half of children not getting treatment

This year on World AIDS Day it is clear that the International Community will not meet its target to end AIDS by next year.

Huge gains have been made, particularly in the area of the health of Mothers, but the climb has been slower for children and there is still a mountain to scale.

82% of Mother have access to anti-retroviral treatment, but only 54% of children do.

HIV prevention

And while HIV is preventable, yet every three minutes, an adolescent is newly infected.

That’s 500 adolescents every day. The number is going down, but not fast enough.

Meanwhile, progress in preventing HIV among babies has stalled.

Treatment needs

Just half of children are on treatment, compared to 4 in 5 of mothers living with HIV. It is time to close the treatment gap.

Here’s to the heroes of the response – health workers, activists, families, people living with HIV, the community – you all continue to make a difference. Thank you →


To end HIV/AIDS as a public health threat for future generations, UNICEF is urging governments and partners to:

“The cost of failing to test and treat every child at risk of HIV is one we measure in children’s lives and futures – a cost that no society can afford. HIV initiatives need to be fully funded and equipped to preserve, protect and improve the quality of life for children, in the first and second decades,” said Fore.

Over 300 children and adolescents die every day from AIDS-related causes. Read our press release

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