Childhood Challenge 

Childhood Challenge

During COVID-19, children have been forgotten as they are less affected by the symptoms. However, they are most vulnerable to the aftershocks of the virus.

At UNICEF, we are for every child. We are providing urgent nutrition, vaccinations, education, sanitation and other life-saving supplies. But without more donations, an additional 6,000 children could die every day over the next 6 months.


What is the #ChildhoodChallenge?

From June 26th we encourage everyone to share their happiest childhood memories, on social media and raise donations that help vulnerable children enjoy a happy childhood too.

Syrian refugee children
Children smile for the camera outside their school in Kilis, Turkey.

Get Involved

Children carrying unicef boxesShare 

…a childhood picture on your social channels using the hashtag #ChildhoodChallenge and explain a happy memory attached to it.



…to UNICEF the age you are in the picture.

e.g, aged 5 = €5 donation


…3 friends to share a childhood image and donate!

Why We Need Your Help?

We need your help to spread the awareness of this challenge amongst your followers. The more people who donate, the more vulnerable children we can help.

Join the #childhoodchallenge today!

happy boy sticking his tumbs up
For every child, happiness.
Help protect children
UNICEF | for every child

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