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Fundraise for UNICEF Ireland

Are you a streamer or gamer looking to support children in need?

Start a fundraiser for UNICEF Ireland and raise funds for children living through conflict, natural disasters, hunger and more. Now more than ever, funding is required to help care for the world’s most vulnerable children.

UNICEF programs are supported entirely by donations so your efforts are sure to make a lasting difference to children worldwide. Together we can work to ensure every child grows up safe, happy, and healthy.

Together we can bring hope to the lives of children across the world. This is your time to be a hero in a child’s life.

Get started with Facebook

To start your fundraising journey, you can create your own fundraising page on Facebook or Instagram to support UNICEF. You can easily share your fundraiser with your network, encouraging them to help you raise money.

Other platforms

Alternatively you can create a fundraiser using a platform such as GoFundMe*, GivenGainJust Giving or iDonate.

Simply set up your fundraiser, add a photo, short description, and a fundraising target (the higher the target, the more children we can help, so don’t be afraid to aim high!)

Encourage friends and family to donate, and share your fundraiser. One of the main reasons people donate is because they’ve been asked. Share your fundraising page on social media, email or posters, and don’t be shy to message people directly

*If using GoFundMe, please make sure to invite to be a beneficiary of the fundraiser


Game and Fundraise to Support Libya Emergency Appeal

The recent Storm Daniel in Libya has resulted in extensive damage and destruction across the country. Thousands of people are missing or have lost their lives due to flooding, which has swept away entire neighbourhoods and destroyed homes, businesses, and farmlands.

The situation is dire, particularly for children who are injured, alone, and traumatized. They have lost everything they have ever known, including loved ones. These children are fighting to survive amidst the crisis and require clean water, food, and shelter to stay alive.

UNICEF is working tirelessly on the ground to provide humanitarian aid, but we need your support to ensure that every child in need receives help. By fundraising for the Libya Emergency Appeal, you can make a significant difference in these children’s and their families’ lives.

Join us in this essential mission to save lives and help these children recover from this tragedy.

The impact your fundraiser can have

Every day, UNICEF is working around the world to help children realise their full potential by providing access to clean water, life-saving vaccines, quality education, and health care. UNICEF works to ensure every child is safe and protected from harm.

  • €50 supplies enough peanut paste to treat 5 dangerously malnourished children, who will not get better without help.
  • €75 provides 10 children with clean safe drinking water, protecting them from deadly waterborne disease.
  • €150 gives enough food and water to protect 18 children, saving their lives and giving them a healthier future.

Help send urgent aid to children and families
affected by Libya floods.

Donate now

You can send your donation by post to

Freepost; UNICEF Ireland, 33 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin D01 R283.

In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will be directed to where the need is greatest.

Help protect children
UNICEF | for every child

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