This March Go Blue and #RUNTHEGAP to Support Some of the World’s Most Vulnerable Children.

Clean water is critical to children’s health and survival. Yet millions of children still don’t have access to this vital resource. In Yemen, one of the driest places on earth, children are walking on average 120km each month to find clean water. That is why we are asking you to go blue and #RUNTHEGAP for children.

In March, challenge yourself to walk in the shoes of these children by walking, jogging or running 120km and raising much needed funds to bring safe clean water to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Bring Water to Yemen’s Children

Yemen is already one of the world’s most water-scarce countries, but the ongoing conflict has made the situation so much worse. Almost 18 million people in Yemen do not have access to safe clean water.

Mohammed, 13, his parents and three siblings were forced to flee their home and now live in a displacement camp in Ammar Bin Yasser, in Yemen. The family has been living in the camp for more than two years after fleeing violence in Al – Hodeidah. Every morning Mohammed wakes up early to fetch water for his family, but the long-distance means he is always late for school, jeopardizing his education and hopes for the future.

Even when children do find water it is often not safe and puts them at great risk of contracting waterborne diseases like cholera. In fact, dirty water is making Yemen one of the most dangerous places on earth to be a child. Over five million children are at risk of getting sick from Cholera. Children in Yemen, who are already weak from malnutrition and hunger, are at even greater risk of dying from disease. In fact, they are 12 times more likely to die from cholera. Children like Mohammed urgently need your support.

Will You Take on Our #RUNTHEGAP Challenge?

Every cent you raise will make a huge difference to children’s lives.

  • Raising €50 could provide 12,000 water purification tablets – Bringing safe clean water to a family like Mohammed’s for an entire year.
  • Raising €100 could protect 10 children like Mohammed from preventable disease by providing the community with clean water.
  • Raising €500 can help install a water pump to bring clean water to an entire camp, like the one where Mohammed lives.



Mohammed Yahya, collects water for his family every morning. He wakes early, but this long-distance means he still misses out on his morning lessons. Photo: UNICEF, Yemen, 2020.

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Are you at home with your family or housemates?

If you’re currently studying or working from home, why not take part in the challenge as a family or as a group? Exercise can bond you together. It will create a real group or family challenge!

Let’s participate altogether in the challenge by taking a short run or walk during your lunch break: exercise is a great way of rebooting your concentration and is sure to help your productivity. If weekends are more convenient, you could go for a Saturday morning run or enjoy a brisk Sunday walk with your loved ones!

Remember to start small and keep moving! You have a whole month to reach 120km and bring safe water to children.

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Any questions on the challenge?

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