Request Your Free Gifts in Wills Guide 

 Request Your Free Gifts in Wills Guide 

    • Ensure Your Good Work Lives On

      For 70 years, UNICEF has depended on people like you to be the global champions for children. You’ve achieved amazing things for children, including: getting the world 99% of the way to fully eradicating polio, halving the child mortality rate under five, and supplying 80% of the world’s therapeutic food for children in 2016. But who will be there for the children of the future? Make sure the good work you’ve started during your lifetime lives on. Please consider a gift in your Will to UNICEF Ireland and continue saving lives for years to come. Please enter your email below for more information.



UNICEF was born in 1946 to help children affected by World War II.  We provided life-saving therapeutic food, medical supplies and clothing to more than 6 million children.

By 1953 UNICEF was helping children in more than 100 countries. 70 years later the support of our donors means that UNICEF is now working with children and communities in 190 countries. Every day, together with our supporters, we help more children than any other organisation.

We vaccinate over half the world’s children, we provide 80% of the world’s emergency food and we do not stop there. We want the best for every child and our donors make that a reality.

Please choose to leave a gift in your will to the most vulnerable children and continue to be part of the generation that has protected more children than any other.

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Why a Legacy Gift Will Make a Difference

Since the end of World War II, UNICEF has been the defender of children around the world – regardless of gender, religion, race or background.

When the world’s most vulnerable children face conflict, disease or exclusion, UNICEF is there.

Child Survival

The health of many millions of children can be ensured using simple, low-cost, high-impact solutions.

Yet millions of children die each year from preventable diseases cause by a lack of hygiene and unsafe water.

A gift in your will could help UNICEF save millions of lives by providing more vaccines, as well as oral rehydration salts, antibiotics, insecticide-treated mosquito nets and clean water pumps.


UNICEF has a long history of providing crucial aid in crisis situations. As much as in the past, we remain dedicated to providing life-saving assistance to children affected by natural disasters and conflicts.

We offer them protection, no matter how difficult or remote the situation.

A legacy donation helps us be there for children and makes sure we always have the resources needed to protect and aid children.


Educating children is crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty. Given an education, a child can grow to become an adult whose own children have a much better chance of growing up healthy and educated.

Between 1990-2012, UNICEF has helped reduce the number of primary school-aged children who are out of school by 44%.

A gift in your will can return more children like this to school and give them hope for the future.


Leaving a gift in my will means that I am not only looking after my own children but children around the world. We get so few opportunities to make a lasting difference and by leaving this gift to UNICEF, I believe that I am making a real difference.

- Marian Killeen - Co, Clare


Marian Killeen: Why I’m Remembering UNICEF in My Will

Marian, from Co. Clare, has been a long term supporter of UNICEF.  Throughout her childhood, career and now retirement, Marian’s support has been unwavering.

When it came to making her will, Marian knew she wanted to leave a gift to children.

Watch her story and learn why she’s motivated to make a lasting difference.

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