Shape the Future with UNICEF 

Shape the Future with UNICEF


Imagine building a better world for future generations. By partnering with UNICEF, you can.

UNICEF is the world’s largest children’s organisation working in more than 190 countries, and our impact doesn’t stop there. UNICEF works with local partners to transform the lives of children today, help grow future leaders of tomorrow, and use its influence to build stronger and more prosperous societies for years to come.

When you partner with UNICEF, your investment becomes the spark that fuels catalytic change. Together we can shape a better future. Will you join us?

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Hear why our partners choose UNICEF.

“I’m proud to showcase UNICEF, because I trust them. I know the quality of UNICEF’s work. I’ve seen it personally in their programming and through site visits.


UNICEF is deeply committed to measuring and analysing its data and results. Gloria and I are confident that our investments in UNICEF have generated a compelling ROI.”


– John O’Farrell, Irish venture capitalist
UNICEF International Council members John O’Farrell (left) and Gloria Principe during a UNICEF programme visit in Tijuana, Mexico.
Maria Ahlström-Bondestam at UNICEF Supply Division in Copenhagen.
“I don’t like the word donation. My family and I invest in UNICEF and we see the ultimate return on that investment: a stable society.


UNICEF delivers urgent care for children and supports governments to make tangible, lasting change nationally. That’s where your impact as an investor really scales up.”


– Maria Ahlström-Bondestam, co-founder and honorary chair of the Eva Ahlström Foundation, and chair of UNICEF’s International Council
“I have always been hungry to achieve something out of the ordinary. So, I wanted to achieve this change in a way that reflected our company’s core brand value, caring, and enabled us to make a positive difference to a great number of lives.


Having UNICEF as a partner has been a key component in achieving just that. Their ability to reach children and young people who need it most, has meant that we could create a real impact and change as a global business. I urge my peers in businesses around the world to add “supporting children” to their to-do lists. It will always remain on mine.”


– Alexander Lacik, CEO of Pandora
Alexander Lacik, CEO of UNICEF corporate partner Pandora.

Driving sustainable change

Investing in children today is the surest way to build a better tomorrow for everyone. Because we partner with governments, local communities, and the private sector, we are able to target inequality at its root and sustainably scale up programmes and innovations for global impact. No other organisation can match our reach for children.

A partnership with UNICEF can spark innovative solutions for the world’s toughest challenges. From eradicating polio, to achieving gender equality, and tackling the climate crisis.

How you can partner with UNICEF

Find out more about partnering with UNICEF as an individual or as a business.

If you would like to be contacted by a UNICEF Ireland relationship manager to find out more about partnering with UNICEF, please get in touch by email or use the contact form below.


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