Welcome to UNICEF 

Welcome to UNICEF

It All Starts With You

Thanks to help like yours, millions of children received food, water and medicines and continued their learning despite wars, natural disasters and COVID-19.

With your help, 2022 will be an even better year for children across the world.

It is your generosity that fills trucks with food, health centres with medicines and communities with soap and clean, safe water, protects children in emergencies and gives children the chance to go to school.

When you chose to give to UNICEF, you started something very special indeed. You stood up for the world’s children.

Because of you there is a child somewhere in the world right now who is smiling. There is a mother and a father who have hope. There is a community that has a chance.

You are Changing the World for Children!

For 75 years, UNICEF has worked tirelessly in the world’s toughest places to help the children in the greatest need. But everyone on our small team here in the UNICEF Ireland office always remembers that it is people like you who make our work possible.

We rely entirely on charitable donations like yours to fund our vital work to protect children, transform their lives and build a safer world for every child. That is why we were all so happy when you decided to help children with a gift to UNICEF.

After all, it is people like you who keep UNICEF on the ground in more than 190 countries, partnering with governments, health workers and other front-line responders to keep children healthy, safe and learning, no matter who they are or where they live.

With every new supporter like you who joins us, we can achieve even more for the world’s children. We are very fortunate to have such committed and generous supporters in Ireland.

Welcome to UNICEF!

smiling girl looks at camera
A smiling girl looks at the camera in Mozambique | © UNICEF/UN0364904/Franco
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