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Your Impact for Children in 2023

2023 was one of the worst on record for climate change, bringing relentless droughts and intense storms and floods to children in countries like Somalia and South Sudan. Natural disasters like earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and floods in Libya devastated children’s lives in an instant. While conflicts in the State of Palestine, Ukraine, Syria, … Continued

Storm Daniel Devastates Children in Libya

During the evening of September 10th while children lay sleeping in their beds, catastrophic floods smashed into Libya. The happiness and wellbeing of 664,000 people were destroyed in an instant. As Storm Daniel raged and torrential rain hammered down, whole families were swept away, some still inside their homes. Entire neighbourhoods were lost. People clung … Continued

Earthquake in Morocco

The search for survivors continues in Morocco after a magnitude 6.8 earthquake. Families in several cities in Morocco rushed out of their homes and into the streets after a powerful earthquake struck at 11:11 p.m on Sept. 8, 2023. A 4.9 magnitude aftershock followed 19 minutes later; several more have been reported. Buildings collapsed, leaving … Continued

Helping Girls Stay in School in India

For 30 years, Carlow woman Therese Dooley worked as one of UNICEF’s leading water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) specialists. Retired to her hometown, Therese reflects on her memories of a remarkable career, having worked in over 60 countries including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Haiti and South Asia, where she has seen at first hand the consequences … Continued

What Your Donations Achieved for Children

Thank you. Thank you for being a lifeline to millions of children around the world. Thank you for being there when they needed you most.  From clean water to warm clothing, life-saving food and psycho-social support, YOUR donations have helped children not only survive, but thrive.  In 2023 alone, this is what you achieved for … Continued

Breastfeeding and Support Resources in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that Ireland has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world? While 63% of mums begin breastfeeding in hospital, only 15% of them are still breastfeeding by the time their baby reaches six months old. This means that the biggest drop-off in breastfeeding happens during the first weeks of a baby’s … Continued

What You’ve Achieved for Children in Syria

When Disaster Struck in Syria On the 6th of February, children across Syria awoke to the sight and sound of their world’s crumbling around them. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake had struck the region, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.  Children’s homes and schools were destroyed. Their friends and family lost. Basic amenities like … Continued

A Legacy of Work with UNICEF

A legacy of work with UNICEF, rewriting the future of children across the globe.   “In many ways, I have been privileged. Not many people get the opportunity to see a drilling rig hit water in a drought-prone area. And when that water gets hit. And it spurts up into the air. The celebration and … Continued

Life Among the Rubble: Child Stories From Syria

It’s been more than 100 days since deadly earthquakes struck Syria and Turkey, leaving thousands dead and millions displaced.  Among the most vulnerable are the 3.7 million children in Syria who continue to face desperate conditions and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.  This is their story, told through the eyes of UNICEF-supported mobile … Continued

365 Days of War in Ukraine

February 2023 marks one year since the escalation of war in Ukraine. Since then, a generation of children have experienced 12 months of violence, trauma, cold, and displacement. Children have been killed, injured and forced from their homes. They have missed out on critical education and have been denied their right to safety and peace. … Continued

How Your Gifts Save Lives

Thank you. It is your support that allows UNICEF to provide children with life-saving supplies like health care, food, water and sanitation. It is your support that keeps us on the ground in emergencies. Your gifts have helped us expand our capacity and save children living through conflict and natural disasters. There are more children in … Continued

The Link Between Water Scarcity and Famine

Famine is defined as “an extreme scarcity of food”. Yet increasingly, regions suffering from famine conditions are also suffering from water shortages. Water and sanitation are just as important as food for children facing famine and food insecurity. Continue reading to discover how a lack of clean water and sanitation can turn a crisis situation, … Continued

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