Three Wise Gifts 

Three Wise Gifts

Looking for a Christmas present with a difference?

UNICEF Ireland’s range of COVID-19 Survival Gifts are the most powerful gifts you can give this Christmas.

Right now, just 5% of people living in low income countries have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is shockingly low when compared with high income countries, like Ireland, where 92% have received their first dose.

Doesn’t everyone, no matter where they live, deserve the same access to the COVID-19 vaccine that we have?

This Christmas you can help vaccinate the world! Buy a UNICEF Survival Gift on behalf of a loved-one, and send much-needed vaccines DIRECTLY to people in need.

You can also choose to send a Christmas Card to your loved one, showing them the life-saving difference their present has made.

There are options to suit every budget, but whatever you choose, it will save lives.