Give a gift, save lives.



Give a gift, save lives.


UNICEF Child Survival Gifts

Every Child Survival Gift is a simple and powerful tool that will save lives and protect the most vulnerable children in the world.

Medicine to fight disease. Food to combat hunger. Warm blankets to combat cold. Books to begin an education.

The simplest gifts. The most powerful impact.

Your gift will save lives.

Life-saving food

21 packs of peanut paste will provide


a week's supply for a malnourished child

How It Works:

Choose your gift 

Browse our catalogue and choose your life-saving gift. Every gift will save the life of vulnerable children in need around the world.

Share it with a friend

Send a personalised card or eCard to a friend or loved one to tell them you have sent a lifesaving gift in their honour.

Save Lives

Your gift will immediately be sent to where it is needed most to protect children at risk and save lives. GUARANTEED.

Here are some powerful gifts you can send today.

Remember every gift you send today will save lives.

Safe drinking water

3 OUT 10

People around the world lack access to safe, clean water at home. As a result, every day, over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by dirty water, lack of sanitation and hygiene.