Valentine's Day 

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Valentine's Day  

All products

Are you looking for a unique gift for Valentine’s day? Look no further!

Show your love with a special UNICEF Child Survival Gift. A powerful, life-changing gift with 100% guaranteed delivery to children in need. In return, you will receive a personalised card sent directly to you or your loved one, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Your special gift can provide life-saving supplies to children living in crisis. You can give therapeutic food to feed hungry children, clean water to keep them safe from disease, thermal blankets to keep them warm or medicine to treat injuries and illnesses.

You can save the life of a child in danger with a UNICEF Child Survival Gift.

Spread the love and change a child’s life with a gift today.


Valentine’s Special Survival Pack

Be there for children the moment disaster strikes 

Right now, the unfolding crisis in Gaza is just one of many emergencies affecting children around the world. This special gift can help children living in emergencies by providing them with the medicine, clean water and food they need to survive when crises occur. 

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Winter Warmth Kit

Warm clothes to help a child survive bitter weather conditions. 

UNICEF’s Winter Warmth Kit gives a child the protection and cosy comfort they need to feel safe and warm this winter. This gift can provide a child with a full set of winter clothing to help protect them from the cold including a waterproof winter jacket, a sweater, socks, winter boots, a hat and gloves. 

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Tender Love and Care Package

In times of crisis, children suffer first, and suffer most. 

With a Tender Love and Care Package, you can provide life-saving aid and security to children living in areas of conflict and war. Right now, countless children around the world are bearing the brunt of conflict. This gift contains everything they need to keep healthy, warm and safe from disease. 

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