Why Winter is a Cruel Time To Be a Child in Syria? 

Why Winter is a Cruel Time To Be a Child in Syria?

Syrian Children Need Your Help This Winter

After almost 8 years of bitter conflict, Syrian children have been forced to flee their homes with little but the clothes on their back. This makes winter a particularly difficult time for children who have literally lost everything. Many of these children are already struggling to survive and the extreme winter weather compounds their suffering.

While Syria in summer can reach temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius, in Winter, temperatures plummet to sub-zero levels. For a child who is already vulnerable, this can be a struggle to keep safe and warm.

Right now there are 2.8 million internally displaced children inside Syria and a further 2.5 million children who have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries due to the ongoing instability and violence.

map of Syrian Arab Republic

In camps across the region and with no proper heating or shelter, parents face an uphill battle to keep their children warm, dry and alive.

Learn more about Syria and how you can help here.

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