The Vaccine Fund 

The Vaccine Fund  


Vaccines are among humanity’s greatest public health achievements and a major pillar of UNICEF’s global mission for children.

In the last 50 years, vaccines have helped to reduce child mortality by 80% and saved 154 million lives.

That’s six people, every minute, for five decades.

Today, UNICEF reaches almost half of the world’s children under five with life-saving vaccines each year.

Vaccination provides children with benefits that can last their lifetimes. It is not only the safest protection from deadly diseases – vaccinated children grow up stronger and do better at school, with economic benefits that ripple sustainably across whole communities.

All while being incredibly cost effective and delivering a return on investment of €26 for every €1 spent.

In Malir, Sindh province, Pakistan, 4-month-old Had Yasir is held by her mother, Kulsoon, while being given a dose of rotavirus vaccine at a local health outpost. ©UNICEF/U.S. CDC/UN0828394/Saiyna Bashir


Despite these longstanding benefits, we are currently witnessing the largest sustained backslide in childhood vaccination rates in three decades.

Violent conflicts, displacement, pandemic-related disruptions, and vaccine misinformation have cut children off from routine immunisations.

Some 25 million children are now missing out on life-saving vaccines every year, placing them at risk of preventable diseases like measles and polio.

Diseases like these do not recognise borders.

In Darchula District in Nepal's remote far-west, Birma Devi Kunwar transports vaccines from the district store to the Pipalchauri Health Post where she works. ©UNICEF/UN0498807/Laxmi-Prasad-Ngakhusi

What is The Vaccine Fund?

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UNICEF’s approach

As the largest single vaccine buyer in the world, UNICEF procures more than 2 billion doses of vaccines annually for routine childhood immunisation and outbreak response.

In over 100 countries, we work with governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations, and other UN agencies to engage communities, procure and distribute vaccines, keep supplies safe and effective, and facilitate affordable access for even the hardest-to-reach families.

Vaccine delivery is just one aspect of our work in this field. UNICEF also invests in community health systems to improve supply chains, data systems and disease surveillance – helping more children receive the protection they need.

Vaccinating every child also means investing in new approaches with the promise of ensuring sustainable, equitable funding and a pipeline of game-changing vaccines and cutting-edge technologies.

Make a life-changing investment.

Protect children now and into the future.

Join The Vaccine Fund.

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