Create a classroom where children enjoy all of their rights

Create a charter in every classroom. Use these charter guidelines.

Celebrate the different cultures in each class. Display multiple languages on the walls.

Ensure diversity is reflected in your library books, posters, clip arts and resources (different languages, skin colours, ages, shapes, abilities).

Consider the classroom layout from the perspective of all children. For example, if there is a child in a wheelchair in your class, can they move easily around the room?

Create a school, inside and outside, where children enjoy all of their rights

Carry out a safety walk or accessibility walk around the school and decide what needs to be done to make every child feel included and welcome. 

Welcome parents, carers and members of the community to get involved in school life.

Is there a traffic congestion issue outside your school at busy times? Can you implement guidelines to make the environment safer and more enjoyable? For example, set up a cycle bus or a walk and stride to reduce the number of cars.

Is it safe to walk to school? Invite a local council representative in to hear the children’s views.


Connect other school programmes to child rights

Look at the different school programmes you are working on and make connections to the CRC. For example:

Article 24 Health, Water, Food, Environment – Green Schools Programme, Active Schools, extra-curricular sports

Article 2 No Discrimination – Yellow Flag Programme, Restorative Practice

Article 31 Rest, Play, Culture, Arts – Creative Schools, extra-curricular music


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