Display child rights around the school

Hang posters of the CRC in each classroom. 

Create a display board in the hall with the Rights Ribbon. 

Create a child rights mural inside or outside the school.

Identify how child rights are enjoyed at school by labelling things in the classroom, for example:

  • Article 17 Access to Information – computers or the class library
  • Article 24 Health, Water, Food, Environment – water taps, school lunches
  • Article 31 Rest, Play, Culture, Arts – the school yard,  classroom games, art cupboard, music box

Explore child rights in different subjects

Some patron programmes explicitly reference rights, but this is not the only curricular area to examine rights.

Develop language skills by reading, discussing and writing about child rights.

Look at curricular areas through a child rights lens. For example, when reading a storybook or class novel, discuss how the rights of the character were enjoyed/denied.  If exploring the Industrial Revolution in History, examine how children’s rights were affected. When teaching éadaí in Gaeilge, or homes in Geography link the lessons to Article 27 Food, Clothing, A Safe Home. 

These Article in Focus resources suggest activities for exploring the different rights.

Focus on a different article of the CRC in each school assembly. Check out these 20 assembly ideas.

Teach parents and carers about child rights

Educate parents and carers about rights by challenging these myths and misconceptions.

Organise an evening to tell parents and carers about child rights. 

Include a child rights update in the school newsletter or website.

Include a representative from the parents’ association on the student council. 

Involve parents in homework about child rights.

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