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Child Rights Schools


This 4-hour online course is for adults that are participating in UNICEF Ireland’s Child Rights Schools Programme, including special need assistants, caretakers, members of the board of management, administration, school leadershipteachers, members of the parents’ association.  

After completing this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Explain the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how it relates to their school. 
  • List features of a Child Rights School. 
  • Describe the process their school should take to become more rights respecting. 
  • Implement strategies to support the student council. 

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Accredited Summer Course


Embedding Child Rights in Your Teaching and Learning

This 20-hour online course for primary school teachers and principals will be open from 1st July 2022 – 20th August 2022. It is accredited by the Department of Education and Skills and entitles participants to three EPV days.

Supported by an e-tutor, the participants take a self-directed learning journey through the five modules: 

  1. The United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child
  2. Rights Respecting Classroom
  3. Child Participation
  4. Global Citizenship
  5. Whole School Approach to Child Rights 

Course registration will be open in March 2022.