Mother's Day 

UNICEF Child Survival Gifts

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Mother's Day  

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This Mother’s Day, celebrate the mother in your life by giving a special gift to a child who so urgently needs it.

Children are facing war, natural disaster, hunger, and disease. A special gift from you will make a real difference to their lives; providing them with emergency therapeutic food, clean drinking water, and life-saving vaccines.

When you buy this gift, you are helping to support mothers and their children around the world.


Newborn Survival Kit

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? 

Why not consider a Newborn Survival Kit. This is truly a life-saving present for any mother. Your gift will help expectant mothers protect their newborn babies by providing 20 HIV test kits, 100 tetanus vaccines and 10 packs of lifesaving food to help their infant children survive. 

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Safe and Warm Baby Kit

Millions of children face an incredibly harsh winter without even the most basic supplies. And young babies are the most vulnerable of all.

Your lifesaving gift will provide a baby with the warm clothes and food they need to survive this winter including a wool hat, scarf and gloves, a winter jacket, trousers, sweater, socks, shoes, and thick pyjamas and food supplies as micronutrient powder, therapeutic milk and peanut-based food.


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Mother and Babies Life-Saving Kit

Be there for children and mothers the moment disaster strikes 

UNICEF’s Mother and Babies Life-Saving Kit is truly an exceptional present to give. This kit will help families living in crisis or emergency situations survive. This life-saving pack contains therapeutic food, a first-aid kit, hygiene supplies, oral rehydration salts, vaccines, a blanket, a scale and clean drinking water to protect mothers and babies in need. . 

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