Emergency Multi-Purpose Tent


When a tent isn’t just a tent.

In countries affected by conflicts and natural disasters, too often children and their families are forced to flee their homes.

In emergency situations like these, UNICEF uses multi-purpose tents to serve numerous functions.

This 42sqm tent is not just a simple tent. Whether it is a classroom, offering a place to learn, a clinic bringing life-saving treatment, or even a playroom offering shelter for exhausted refugee children, this extraordinary gift will always provide a safe space for children and their families.

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Today, an estimated 35 million children around the world have been forcibly displaced. Only half of all refugee children attend primary school, and less than a quarter attend secondary school.

But thanks to our generous supporters, children can now restart their education and attend classes in their new school tent.

Smiles beam across their faces as Arabic class begins in the Atmeh refugee camp, Syria.

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