Newborn Survival Kit


20 HIV test kits, 50 tetanus vaccines and 10 packs of lifesaving food.

Ensure babies get a better start in life by helping their mothers protect them before birth.

Mothers will receive HIV testing and tetanus vaccines to protect children from life-threatening diseases that can be contracted during pregnancy or birth.

Your special gift will provide 20 HIV test kits and 50 tetanus vaccines along with 10 packs of lifesaving food to help their infant children survive.

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a young baby is sleeping on a blanket near a light

In South Sudan, 91 percent of all pregnant women deliver in their homes without access to a skilled birth attendant. As a result, only 5 percent of maternal and neonatal tetanus cases are reported.

Last year, in South Sudan alone, UNICEF supporters helped provide 20,000 pregnant women with access to skilled care at birth, ensuring their babies were welcomed safely into the world.

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