Emergency Family Water & Hygiene Kit


Life-saving hygiene products for one month. 

When people are forced to flee their homes because of violence or natural disaster, they have to leave everything behind.

Without access to the most basic hygiene products, many children are dying of diarrhea and other preventable diseases. This wonderful kit full of hygiene products can cover a family’s hygiene needs for one month, saving their lives.

This powerful Emergency Family Water & Hygiene Kit includes:

One of 14-litres bucket, 12 bars of soap with soap cup, two bottles of detergent, three bottles of shampoo, three tubes of adults toothpaste, three tubes of toothpaste for children, three adult toothbrushes, three baby toothbrushes, nail clippers, a washing line with clothespins, 12 safety pins, two reusable sanitary pads, two small towels, and two flashlights.

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“After getting the kits, I can start to see a better future and have hope. I believe in the power of UNICEF to help my family.” Fabiao told us when he and his family received their family hygiene kits in Desportivo – a temporary accommodation centre in Mozambique.

When two cyclones struck Mozambique and left families like Fabiao’s with nothing, UNICEF was there to help vulnerable families like Fabiao and his children by providing life-saving food and hygiene products. And it was only possible thanks to gifts like yours.

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