Doa’a Recovers From Malnutrition 

Doa’a Recovers From Malnutrition

The ongoing conflict in Yemen has had a devastating impact on children’s lives, with one in three children at risk from malnutrition. Thanks to our kind supporters, children like Doa’a are receiving the treatment they urgently need to survive.

When Doa’a arrived to our therapeutic feeding centre, she was severely malnourished and suffering from pneumonia. She was so weak she couldn’t even breastfeed.

Children Worst Affected By Malnutrition

Doa’a’s arm is measured with a MUAC tape, showing she’s severely malnourished. UNICEF | Yemen | AlGhabr

At the health centre, UNICEF teams assessed her case, they measured Doa’a’s upper-arm circumference using a MUAC tape. She was in the red zone, indicating severe acute malnutrition – the most dangerous form of malnutrition. Without treatment, a child as weak as Doa’a will quickly die.

“When I looked at my daughter, I was sure she wouldn’t survive but I didn’t give up. I borrowed money and took her to the nearest health centre, which is one hour away by car. I was afraid that she would die before we got here.” Doa’a’s father Hussein told us, with tears rolling down his face.

UNICEF is Working to Save Children in Yemen 

Thanks to our supporters, UNICEF teams are on the ground ready to help children in an emergency situation like this one, they ensure our teams on the ground can act quickly, making the crucial difference between life and death for a child like Doa’a.

Zahra feeds fortified milk to Doa’a, using a syringe because the baby is too weak to suck.  UNICEF | Yemen | AlGhabr

Doa’a was given immediate treatment of fortified milk to help her regain her strength and medicines to treat her pneumonia. Soon she was strong enough to go home.

“I was doubtful that Doa’a would return home,” Zahra, Doa’a’s mother told us. “The health workers at the centre gave my daughter medicine and baby formula and now she is all right.”

A healthy Doa’a with her mother and father. UNICEF | Yemen | AlGhabr

Happy and Healthy 

Happy again and restored to health, baby Doa’a is now back in the care of her parents. Her recovery was made possible because of the kind donations, which paid for the fortified milk and medicines needed to save her life.

“It is enough for me that my daughter returned to the house alive and that she smiles and laughs,” Doa’a’s father Hussein added happily.


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