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Your monthly donation has been received and vital supplies are on their way to children!  Thank you for joining us in our mission to create a better world for every child.

You will shortly receive an email confirming your donation.

The guarantee of ongoing, regular support is the only reason we are able to plan for the uncertainties and help vulnerable children immediately and effectively when disaster strikes.

By giving monthly, you’re helping to provide vulnerable children with access to vital food, water, healthcare, protection and education.

You are helping to change the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children forever.

If you would like a postal receipt, please contact us at the UNICEF Ireland office on 01-878 3000 or email

Your Signature Can Save Lives

With the Charity Tax Back Scheme you can help even more children. If you’ve given €21 per month (€250 per year) or more to UNICEF Ireland, your donation can be worth 45% more and it won’t cost you a cent. Just a few minutes of your time.

Charity Tax Back Scheme

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