Child Survival Gift Box


Emergency food, clean water and protective nets.

Your special Child Survival Gift Box will help save children’s lives by ensuring that vulnerable children around the world receive protection from malnutrition, malaria, and waterborne diseases.

The box contains:
– 2 mosquito nets
– 3,000 water purification tablets enough to clean up to 30,000 liters of water
– 20 bags of life-saving peanut-paste

Your Love Saves Lives.

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Two year old Soumaila smiles for the camera outside a UNICEF community health centre in Mopti, Mali.

When we first met Soumaila, she was suffering from severe acute malnutrition. She was so weak she couldn’t laugh or play and needed urgent help to survive. But thanks to your powerful gift, Soumaila received lifesaving peanut paste, the ‘miracle food’ that helped her recover. Now Soumaila can smile again.

Last year alone, UNICEF supporters helped over 120,000 children in Mali recover from malnutrition.

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