Emergency Nutrition Pack


300 bags of micronutrient powder, 20 packs of therapeutic milk and 20 bags of ‘miracle food’

Malnutrition contributes to one-third of all preventable child deaths. Every year, around 3 million children die due to undernutrition.

Your gift will provide malnourished children with 300 bags of micronutrient powder, 20 packs of therapeutic milk and 20 bags of life-saving, peanut-based food – known as ‘miracle food’ – containing all the vital vitamins and minerals they need to survive.

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a family is sitting and the mother holds a young child smiling

Baby Doa’a, pictured in her home in Yemen, is all smiles now.

She has just recovered from severe malnutrition thanks to the supplies of therapeutic milk and peanut paste she received in her Child Survival Gift.

Despite the challenges the family faces Doa’a’s father is just so happy she is finally well, “It is enough for me that my daughter is home and alive and that she smiles and laughs.”


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