Cupid’s Care Box


Celebrate someone you love with a Cupid’s Care Box.

This Valentine’s Day your special gift will help save children living in emergencies.

It will provide vaccines and mosquito nets to protect against deadly diseases, emergency food and oral rehydration salt to treat child malnutrition and water purification tablets to keep children safe from waterborne diseases.

The pack contains:
– 10 bags of life-saving peanut paste
– 60 doses of polio vaccine
– 30 doses of measles vaccine
– 1 mosquito net
– 50 bags of oral rehydration salt
– 1,000 water purification tablets

Your Love Saves Lives.

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Janty, 11 months, was suffering from severe acute malnutrition and desperately ill. But thanks to the high-calorie emergency food and care she received at the UNICEF-supported nutrition centre in Yambio, South Sudan, Janty was able to quickly recover and get her energy back. Little Janty is finally smiling again and her health is gradually improving.
In 2022 alone, 260,506 children in South Sudan have been treated for severe acute malnutrition.

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